[VIDEO] JUNIEL 3rd Mini Album Fall in L ‘PRETTY BOY’ MV

[VIDEO] JUNIEL 3rd Mini Album Fall in L ‘PRETTY BOY’ MV.


[12/11][NEWS] Comeback! Will Juniel be 2012 Rookie of the Year?


New singer Juniel’s debut song “Illa Illa” has topped the music charts (digital synthesis based on Gaon chart) for 20 weeks or more and has been mentioned as a strong candidate for Rookie of the Year.

Of these anticipated, Juniel is expected to showcase a new song soon on the same year as “Illa Illa”.

Juniel is a veteran singer and is the only one singer who catches people’s attention among so many new singers. It is difficult for existing singers to have their songs “long run” on charts. She also filled 4 albums with her self composed music in Japan. The singer made its debut last June with the title track “Illa Illa” with the guitar which causes sensation.

“Illa Illa” inserted as theme song for Im Meahri (acted by Yoon Jini) in SBS “A Gentleman Dignity” gained hot popularity after official activities ended.

Juniel’s upcoming album consisted of…

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